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Experience Kungsleden in summer


This trail is 450 kilometres long and passes through the Swedish mountains. It's one of the best hiking trails in the world. 

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Slowly We Walk through Town

Stadsvandring, liten

You can hike in the alpine mountain or coastal landscapes of Västerbotten. But don't forget walking around in its cities. There are many interesting discoveries to make here - and everything is within walking distance.

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Christ in the rock

We park ourselves on a coach, then on the way to the Kristineberg mine, we're told an incredible tale which aroused a lot of interest the world over. It all began on 28 November 1946, when machine driller Johan Olofsson set a final blast into the working face 6 of A ore at 107.6 metres just before midnight.

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The longest cableway in the world

Off we go, swinging over bogs and lakes, forests and roads. The sun is shining, and we see the shadow of the little white basket we're travelling in gliding across the land. So here we are, in what was commissioned in 1943 as the longest cableway in the world. In those days, ore was transported between the mine in Kristineberg and the smeltery. But these days, we're on a pleasure trip between Örträsk and Mensträsk, or back the other way.

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The Seven Rivers Art Route - The World’s Longest Art Exhibition, From Coast to Mountains.


Let Art lead you on a voyage of discovery through Västerbotten. The route from the coast at Holmsund in the east to Borgafjäll in the mountains of southern Lapland in the west is lined with 12 different works of art. A journey along the Art Route also provides fantastic experiences in nature and passes through many sites of cultural historical interest.

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Top class fishing in Västerbotten


Västerbotten has fishing waters to suit everybody, beginners and pros alike. A number of the fishing waters in the county are internationally renowned and entice crowds of Swedish and foreign tourists to visit every year. "Fishing is an incredibly relaxing pastime, but at the same time it's exciting. It's really something worth doing," says Mats Byström at Fiskecentrum in Saxnäs.

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Packages from our entrepreneurs

Unique guitar museum rocks

gitarrrmuseet, liten

As a European Capital of Culture in 2014, Umeå offers visitors an almost endless array of activities during the year. One of the most exciting of these is the opening of the new Guitar Museum, which is located in the grandiose premises once used by the Vasa School.

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Undiscovered delights in Southern Lapland


Borgafjäll, Kittelfjäll and Klimpfjäll in southern delights Lapland are undiscovered delights for many winter tourists. 

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Experience the Christmas Spirit at a Christmas Market

Jul i Tärnaby

Christmas is approaching. This means that it is time for Christmas markets in various locations across Västerbotten. 

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Four Restaurants in the White Guide

gastronomin, liten

White Guide has produced a list of the best restaurants in the Nordic countries. Four of these restaurants are in the county of Västerbotten.

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Extreme golden eagle photography

golden eagle

Imagine what it would be like to escape the stress and commotion of everyday life for a few days, breath in the fresh winter air of the forest and meet its four-legged or winged inhabitants eye to eye - when you take on the role of wildlife photographer.

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