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The county of Västerbotten consists of the Västerbotten landscape, along with parts of Lapland, Ångermanland and Jämtland. This is the second-biggest county in Sweden in terms of area - the same size as Denmark, or 17 times the size of the island of Gotland - and is situated in northern Sweden, just south of the Arctic Circle.

Around 255 000 people live in the county, which has three cities: Umeå (the biggest, with just over 110 000 inhabitants), Skellefteå and Lycksele. The highest mountain is named Norra Sytertoppen and is 1767 metres above sea level, while the most famous river is Vindelälven. It has 65 names waterfalls and is one of the four national rivers of Sweden.

Some of the most famous people from Västerbotten are downhill skier Anja Pärsson (several times world champion), the ladies' football team of Umeå IK (who won the Champions League and are considered to be one of the best ladies' teams in the world) and pop star Lisa Miskovsky (sells loads of records both in Sweden and abroad). This county is also home to lots of successful authors, including Per Olov Enqvist and Torgny Lindgren.

Västerbotten is also home to a lot of representatives of the original population of Sweden - the Lapps. The reindeer-herding Lapps spend their summers living in the mountain villages, and in the winter they move down to the coast where their reindeer can find food when there's deep snow on the ground.

As far as products are concerned, the county is best known for its Västerbotten cheese, gold from the mines around Boliden and the Volvo truck cabs which are made in Umeå. We should also mention here that much of Sweden's electricity is generated by the rivers of Västerbotten.

Västerbotten cuisine maintains a strong position in Sweden. A lot of restaurants are good at making the most of the unique ingredients found in Nature's larder, which allows us to offer delicacies such as elk, reindeer, salmon trout, charr and grouse. For dessert, orange-coloured cloudberries - which can be found in copious quantities in Västerbotten - are popular. These berries grow on bogs and moss, and are deemed to be a delicacy at Swedish restaurants.

The Västerbotten flower is called Kung Karls Spira, or Moor King in English. It has a green head which can be about three centimetres long and a stalk that can be up to a metre high. Kung Karls Spira flowers in July and August and can be found everywhere in the mountains. It grows in damp meadows, in marshes, on beaches and in boggy forest areas.

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