Visit Västerbotten



Bjurholm, Nordmaling, Robertsfors, Umeå, Vindeln and Vännäs go to form the Umeå region. 147 000 people live here, of whom around 116 000 live in Umeå, the county city. This region has a total area of 9 415 sq km. Together, these municipalities have a unique range of things to offer - the pleasures of the city in the form of shopping, restaurants and night life, wilds and incredible adventures just round the corner. Untouched nature, miles and miles of forest, the rolling sea along 800 km of winding coastline, the rush of the rivers, light summer nights and a modern city offering a wide range of cultural activities - and all within an hour's drive. Welcome to the Umeå region this summer!


Skellefteå is a wonderful summer city offering activities and sights to suit all tastes. And when the summer comes, it's time to party here in the city! We have lots of music and fabulous encounters to offer during the City Festival. During the last weekend of August, enjoy the end of the summer with events devoted to food. The Matfesten food festival is Northern Sweden's biggest food event, and it's well worth staying a day extra for it. And we also have beautiful countryside in the form of sun-soaked coastland and wild forests, cultural gems and exciting history, but perhaps most importantly: we have people who are full of  love.


In Hemavan Tärnaby, the views are majestic and the opportunities many. If you're looking for some summer peace and quiet, you'll find it here together with mountain adventures that you'll never forget. Fishing, cycling, hiking, picking mushrooms or cloudberries - those golden moments of summer are all close at hand. 


Storuman is a hub in Lapland. This municipality is around 750 sq km in area and extends all the way to the border with Norway. To the west are the mountain villages of Tärnaby and Hemavan. Storuman is the home of our sports stars, arm wrestler Heidi Andersson and biathlete Björn Ferry. Hemavan and Tärnaby are the home of many of our alpine stars, too. Storuman has a good range of trade and services to offer. You'll find easily accessible adventures here, in forests, in the mountains and on the water, with some fine hiking trails and excellent fishing waters.


Lycksele is situated inland in Västerbotten, in the forests between the coast and the mountains. Lycksele was granted its town charter in 1956, thereby becoming the first town in Lapland. Lycksele is home to the most northerly zoo in Sweden - Lycksele Zoo - as well as Ansia badpark, Trollringen Go-cart and Gammplatsen with its Sami camp, Forestry Museum and Lapland's cultural botanical gardens. You'll also find beautiful natural and cultural gems in Lycksele. You can even got down a mine and see Kristineberg's Subterranean Church of Saint Anna, 90 metres below ground.


The wilds of Lapland can be found in the municipality of Dorotea in southern Lapland. To the west is Borgafjäll, an expansive area which brings in lots of visitors from far and wide. The central location of Dorotea is situated at Bergvattensjön lake. Don't be fooled by this small place, because you'll find masses of culture, activities and places to visit here. 


The magnificent countryside and close proximity of everything means you can kick back and just enjoy in Malå! Malå offers Sami sights, geoland and forests in a delightful blend of high tech experiences and ancient traditions. Experience Lapland nature here and the special light which we're blessed with 24 hours a day in summer. 


You can enjoy peace and quiet, adventures and delicious food here. Our two major tourist routes, Sagavägen and Vildmarksvägen, offer experiences that are anything but ordinary. How about an action-packed adventure on four wheels, or a historical tour of the church town? We have a rich cultural life here, and there are lots of opportunities to get involved in it. We're also a part of Sápmi, and we're proud of our Sami heritage.


The municipality of Norsjö is home to a number of unique activities, including Svansele Vildmarkscenter, the longest cableway in the world and the newly opened Raggsjöliden, which reflects author Torgny Lindgren's literary landscape. Norsjö is a well preserved district, with many cultural traditions and fantastic countryside. You can visit some of the sights and attractions in the district, or else you can go exploring on your own.


Åsele is a strategic hub in the forests, where roads from all points of the compass meet. This municipality extends across the beautiful landscape and is home to around 3000 people. Åsele is able to offer a range of different activities and sights thanks to active associations and organisations. There are also 41 nature reserves and a national park here: Björnlandet National Park. There are also a range of different sights to see, places to visit, fishing opportunities, etc. Åsele Market always takes place in Åsele on the third weekend in July. This is one of the biggest markets in the country and Northern Sweden's biggest folk festival, with around 150 000 visitors over four intensive market days.


The municipality of Sorsele has lots of offer in the form of nature and sights worth seeing. The unregulated Vindelälven river flows through the municipality, and much of the municipality is made up of nature reserves offering breathtaking countryside and rich animal life. The village of Ammarnäs, about an hour's drive from Sorsele, is a jewel in the crown of the Swedish mountain world. There are some fantastic opportunities for mountain hiking along Kungsleden here, and there's great fishing in the rivers, lakes and mountain waters.