Visit Västerbotten

The longest cableway in the world

Off we go, swinging over bogs and lakes, forests and roads. The sun is shining, and we see the shadow of the little white basket we're travelling in gliding across the land. So here we are, in what was commissioned in 1943 as the longest cableway in the world. In those days, ore was transported between the mine in Kristineberg and the smeltery. But these days, we're on a pleasure trip between Örträsk and Mensträsk, or back the other way.

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An ironworks still in use

The lack of charcoal in central Sweden forced Irish business partners Robert Finley and John Jennings to head north along the coast on a buying tour quite unlike any other in Sweden history. The last thing they bought was Olofsfors at the River Leda. This was the cheap transportation by sea which made it possible for companies to set up in northern Sweden. Shipping iron ore from Roslagen and taking bar iron in return really paid off.

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A living church town


Fatmomakke is on the road between the summer and winter pastures. Since time immemorial, this has been a gathering place for Lapps and settlers, priests, parish constables, mourners, celebrators, tradesmen and their customers, couples in love... Relics from the Stone Age can be found along Kultsjön Lake, places where people lived who survived on hunting and fishing. The church is the modern meeting place: in the 18th century, it was just a few cots, then a simple barn made of unplaned logs with a little clock tower to one side. But since 1884, there's been the church which now stands whitely above the churchyard, on a slope at Ransaren.

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Take a look at the farming society of the old days

Rismyrliden. Just taste that name. It tells you something about the location and the surrounding area. The State encouraged farmers to cultivate inland areas by giving settlers 49 years' freedom from taxes. Rismyrliden was marked out in 1825, but it wasn't until 1832 that spade first made contact with soil and the hard work on clearing and cultivating the land began.

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A taste of the mountain flora


"It's red, just like the sun when it shines through a bottle of a decent Bordeaux." Botanist Olle Rune describes with enthusiasm what a Gymnadenia runei looks like. Botanists come from far and wide to the Fjällbotaniska trädgården (Mountain Botanical Gardens) in Hemavan to see this orchid, which is related to the Nigritella nigra, the flower of Jämtland.

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