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Extreme golden eagle photography

golden eagle

Imagine what it would be like to escape the stress and commotion of everyday life for a few days, breath in the fresh winter air of the forest and meet its four-legged or winged inhabitants eye to eye - when you take on the role of wildlife photographer.

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Skellefteå – a wild salmon eldorado


Skellefteå is home to three wild salmon rivers within 20 minutes' reach. Nowhere else in Sweden can match this. Anders Cederberg does 97 percent of his salmon fishing on one of them - the Byske River. Why? Well, because in his eyes nothing can match a shiny, steel-coloured salmon from the Byske River.

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Emma's pictures of the northern wilderness

Emma Dennehy

Emma Dennehy wanted to experience the wilderness of Västerbotten - and to become a better photographer. So she decided to travel to Kalvträsk and Conny Lundström.

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