Visit Västerbotten

The longest cableway in the world

Off we go, swinging over bogs and lakes, forests and roads. The sun is shining, and we see the shadow of the little white basket we're travelling in gliding across the land. So here we are, in what was commissioned in 1943 as the longest cableway in the world. In those days, ore was transported between the mine in Kristineberg and the smeltery. But these days, we're on a pleasure trip between Örträsk and Mensträsk, or back the other way.

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Snowmobile adventure from the mountains to the coast


Winter is upon us. Do you dream of speeding along over a sparkling white snowy landscape on a snowmobile? Then Västerbotten is the place to be!

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Chronicle: In Umeå There’s Quite a Bit More

In Umeå, there's space for the unique and the individual. Elin Larsson is absolutely convinced of this after taking a short walk around downtown in a city she's come to love.

Umeåkrönika, liten

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Getting a Bite from the Back of a Horse

If you really want to make an extraordinary adventure out of your fishing trip in the alpine mountains, you should go to Ammarnäs mountain village. That in any case is the firm opinion of this group, a dozen fish-crazy girls.


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Christ in the rock

We park ourselves on a coach, then on the way to the Kristineberg mine, we're told an incredible tale which aroused a lot of interest the world over. It all began on 28 November 1946, when machine driller Johan Olofsson set a final blast into the working face 6 of A ore at 107.6 metres just before midnight.

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Three reasons to visit Skellefteå this winter!


If you pay a visit to Skellefteå at any time during the winter months, you will be struck by three things in particular: the proximity, the events and the ice hockey.

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The whole world dogsleds to Ekorrsele

Tourists from around the world come to Ekorrsele, 38 kilometres north-west of Vindeln, to go dog-sledding. Since they started Aurora Borealis in 1993 Donald Eriksson and Maria Gustafsson have welcomed customers from Australia, China, South Africa, Israel and several EU countries. - About 70 per cent of our guests are from other countries. For them, it's an exotic experience to ride straight out into the wilds on a dog-sled, says Donald Eriksson.

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The Call of the Sorsele Wild


The trip begins in Ammarnäs. Up onto the Ammarfjället mountain and straight out into silence. You hear only the swishing of the sled and the dogs panting. Come along on a dog team adventure in true Jack London spirit.

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Winter swimming course – a chilly but invigorating challenge


Do you want to get revenge on the detractors who called you a landlubber in the summer when you didn't want to go swimming in the river, or do you simply want to do something new that you didn't believe you would dare to do, something that will also make you feel more alive in every way? Then you should book your place on a winter swimming course!

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Ride and fish - a full-on fishing adventure

Anyone wanting to make their mountain fishing holiday into a real adventure that's completely out of the ordinary could do worse than to head for the mountain village of Ammarnäs. At least, that's what a dozen girls who simply adore fly fishing will tell you.

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