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Getting a Bite from the Back of a Horse

If you really want to make an extraordinary adventure out of your fishing trip in the alpine mountains, you should go to Ammarnäs mountain village. That in any case is the firm opinion of this group, a dozen fish-crazy girls.

The leader of the trek, Osvald Jonsson, Fjällhästen, rides at the head of the group, but he makes short detours now and then towards the back of the group to give valuable tips to novice riders.

Some of the girls from the Fjällorna Fishing Club are good riders, while others are on horseback for the first time. Regardless of prior knowledge, most of them are not used to riding in alpine mountains in the Icelandic style. Here it's a question of patient horses used to making their way in tough terrain, and the riding style should be adapted to the present circumstances.

No Rest

After half a day's ride in enchanting mountain nature, we finally reach our destination. Under our belts we have not only the day's ride, but also a short ride yesterday as well as an overnight stay and fishing atTjaskalLakeright at the treeline.

It's been a fantastic and educational 24 hours, a trip that ought to require a little rest. But apparently that's not in the cards.

With barely a snap of the fingers, a number of girls show up to fly-fish at the water downhill from camp, which consists of a wooden hut and an outhouse/storehouse. The most fantastic thing about this true story is that it doesn't take a long time before several of them are standing there with bowed fishing rods. The rod bending the deepest belongs to Birgitta Olsson from Östersund.

Wet Fishing Luck

The struggle becomes prolonged and very nervous. When Birgitta finally grabs the trout's tail, she's an infinitely happy girl kneeling in the water with a handful of friends congratulating her.

"I'm getting completely soaked, but I just don't care. Man, my legs are shaking so hard!" Birgitta helps, shining like a ray of sunshine as it starts to rain harder.

A scale is brought out, and it's confirmed that the fish weighs one and one-half kilos. OK, I'd say that's a rather satisfactory beginning.

No Pouting

After a fantastic first evening fishing with several trout over one kilo, the next day of fishing is begun immediately after a hearty breakfast.

Jenny Hällgren instantly pulls up a trout on a Goddard Caddis, a gigantic fish which unfortunately gets away just at theStockholmgal's feet. However, she doesn't seem too depressed after the loss.

Ride and fish - a high-quality activity

  • Ride-and-fish tours are organized in cooperation between Fjällhästen and Fiskecentrum Ammarnäs.
  • There are several tours of different lengths, from day trips to week-long tours. Included in the price is of course an experienced guide. With your accommodations you can choose either full or half pension. There are also tours in the wintertime.
  • The tour has been awarded the quality designation "Nature's Best" by the Swedish Ecotourism Association.
  • Booking and information at Fjällhästen.
  • Fiskecentrum Ammarnäs.