Visit Västerbotten

Christ in the rock

We park ourselves on a coach, then on the way to the Kristineberg mine, we're told an incredible tale which aroused a lot of interest the world over. It all began on 28 November 1946, when machine driller Johan Olofsson set a final blast into the working face 6 of A ore at 107.6 metres just before midnight.

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Three reasons to visit Skellefteå this winter!


If you pay a visit to Skellefteå at any time during the winter months, you will be struck by three things in particular: the proximity, the events and the ice hockey.

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Chronicle: In Umeå There’s Quite a Bit More

In Umeå, there's space for the unique and the individual. Elin Larsson is absolutely convinced of this after taking a short walk around downtown in a city she's come to love.

Umeåkrönika, liten

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