Visit Västerbotten

Snowmobile adventure from the mountains to the coast

Winter is upon us. Do you dream of speeding along over a sparkling white snowy landscape on a snowmobile? Then Västerbotten is the place to be!

Many of Västerbotten's ski resorts also offer snowmobile rentals or guided tours. If you are planning to venture out into the wilderness on your own, you need to respect the rules that apply. Since you may find yourself far up in the mountains, you need to be aware that there are a number of protected areas where snowmobiles are not permitted or where snowmobile drivers must keep to a limited number of approved (and marked-out) trails.

Well marked-out trails in mountain terrain

In Hemavan/Tärnaby there are a number of companies that arrange guided tours for both private individuals and larger groups. It is also possible to combine a snowmobile outing with fishing, something you can do in Borgafjällen, for example, where  the adventure company 69° Nord arranges tours in the area's beautiful and exciting mountain environment. And in Kittelfjäll you can choose from whole-day or half-day tours in, for example, Marsfjällen, where you will get to see locations that are otherwise extremely difficult to reach.

In Saxnäs a number of excellent trails are maintained by Saxnässpår , trails that take you to, among other places, Klimpfjäll, Vilhelmina and Borgafjäll. And in Vilhelmina and the surrounding area a snowmobile trail system of around 1,500 km is maintained by the Vilhelmina Snowmobile Organisationtogether with significant help from various non-profit organisations.

 There are also some lovely snowmobile trails starting from Ammarnäs. For example, you can take a ride along the incredibly picturesque Vindelälven river, one of Sweden's few undeveloped rivers.

Discover the coast by snowmobile

There are also a number of excellent snowmobile trails and tours around Skellefteå and Umeå. Guided tours are available both in the forests of the region and out on the icy expanses by the coast. For example, you can take a trip around Holmön or in the areas around Bjurholm, starting from Älgens Hus. 

Services for you and your snowmobile

A number of tourist companies offer everything from snowmobile rental and equipment to package excursions and courses. The local tourist offices can help you with maps and descriptions of the trails. And when it is time for a pit stop in order to fill the tank and your tummy, there are a number of nice snowmobile cafés just waiting for your visit, such as, for example, the café in  Ramsele.