Visit Västerbotten

The Seven Rivers Art Route - The World’s Longest Art Exhibition, From Coast to Mountains.


Let Art lead you on a voyage of discovery through Västerbotten. The route from the coast at Holmsund in the east to Borgafjäll in the mountains of southern Lapland in the west is lined with 12 different works of art. A journey along the Art Route also provides fantastic experiences in nature and passes through many sites of cultural historical interest.

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Västerbottens Museum – great for all the family

Museum för familjen

If you're in or around Umeå and wondering what to do with your family, why not make your way to Västerbottens Museum? It has something for everyone and this year the programme is broader than ever.

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Umeå’s year as a European Capital of Culture involves the entire region


Along with Riga in Latvia, Umeå is being celebrated as a European Capital of Culture in 2014. You surely haven't missed that news? Nor should you miss the fantastic programme of activities and events that is on offer - not only in Umeå itself, but throughout the entire region. Check out what's going on in the folder entitled "Västerbotten on the way to 2014".

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A living church town


Fatmomakke is on the road between the summer and winter pastures. Since time immemorial, this has been a gathering place for Lapps and settlers, priests, parish constables, mourners, celebrators, tradesmen and their customers, couples in love... Relics from the Stone Age can be found along Kultsjön Lake, places where people lived who survived on hunting and fishing. The church is the modern meeting place: in the 18th century, it was just a few cots, then a simple barn made of unplaned logs with a little clock tower to one side. But since 1884, there's been the church which now stands whitely above the churchyard, on a slope at Ransaren.

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Västerbotten – storyteller county


Västerbotten is a county full of stories. A number of authors famous in Sweden and elsewhere grew up here: Torgny Lindgren, Stieg Larsson and Sara Lidman, to name but a few. Our county offers a number of opportunities to get a little bit closer to our authors. Visit the village of Raggsjö in the municipality of Norsjö, for example, where Torgny Lindgren came from. This is a place where you can immerse yourself in the environment in which the author grew up and get closer to his literary works.

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Unique guitar museum rocks

gitarrrmuseet, liten

As a European Capital of Culture in 2014, Umeå offers visitors an almost endless array of activities during the year. One of the most exciting of these is the opening of the new Guitar Museum, which is located in the grandiose premises once used by the Vasa School.

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The Åhdén twins’ hobby turned into the world’s biggest


Guitars, more guitars and even more guitars. The Åhdén twins from Vännäsby created the world's finest collection of vintage guitars that has now turned into Guitars - The Museum in Umeå. 

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Dunger with reindeer ride to start Umeå’s year as a European Capital of Culture

The kick-off for Umeå2014, with artist Nicolai Dunger and his friends, will be a reindeer ride from the mountains to the sea, starting in Ammarnäs.

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A taste of the mountain flora


"It's red, just like the sun when it shines through a bottle of a decent Bordeaux." Botanist Olle Rune describes with enthusiasm what a Gymnadenia runei looks like. Botanists come from far and wide to the Fjällbotaniska trädgården (Mountain Botanical Gardens) in Hemavan to see this orchid, which is related to the Nigritella nigra, the flower of Jämtland.

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Experience the Christmas Spirit at a Christmas Market

Jul i Tärnaby

Christmas is approaching. This means that it is time for Christmas markets in various locations across Västerbotten. 

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Activities surrounding the Capital of Culture Year in the whole of Northern Sweden

Nordligarummet Puff2

The Capital of Culture is Umeå, however the four northernmost Swedish counties and the whole of Sameland together comprise The Northern Room.

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Bildmuseet Gives City a New Profile


The huge project Arts Campus is giving Umeå a new profile. Bildmuseet's new premises are the latest development on campus in a building that truly sticks out.

"It even holds its own when compared internationally," says freelance photographer Johan Gunséus.


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An ironworks still in use

The lack of charcoal in central Sweden forced Irish business partners Robert Finley and John Jennings to head north along the coast on a buying tour quite unlike any other in Sweden history. The last thing they bought was Olofsfors at the River Leda. This was the cheap transportation by sea which made it possible for companies to set up in northern Sweden. Shipping iron ore from Roslagen and taking bar iron in return really paid off.

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