Visit Västerbotten

Experience Kungsleden in summer


This trail is 450 kilometres long and passes through the Swedish mountains. It's one of the best hiking trails in the world. 

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Extreme golden eagle photography

golden eagle

Imagine what it would be like to escape the stress and commotion of everyday life for a few days, breath in the fresh winter air of the forest and meet its four-legged or winged inhabitants eye to eye - when you take on the role of wildlife photographer.

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When gods meet in the heavens


It was Galileo Galilei who gave the Northern Lights their Latin name Aurora Borealis. An apt description of the phenomenon that attracts and fascinates us.

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Snow – the way you relate to life

Kittel, liten

For the Sami snow is more than just frozen water. It is a way to express what their whole existence is built on - the migration of the reindeer. For the skier snow is also more than just snow. It is the way you relate to your whole life.

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Photographer who likes autumn

Fotograf Magnus Ström

Photographer Magnus Ström likes autumn. The intensive colours give photographs something extra.
    "You have to make the most of the good days," he says.

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Experience the dramatic landscape of the Mårdsele Rapids


If you like to enjoy good food and dramatic natural surroundings then the Mårdsele Rapids Café and Restaurant is definitely worth a visit.

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Kittelfjäll is a real lift – and the children are along too


In 1997 physical education teacher Per Strömberg took his ninth-graders on an educational trip to Kittelfjäll. Two years and four months later he started Active Ski Travel, that today has taken over 20,000 skiing enthusiasts to Kittelfjäll.

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Torvsjö Mills Keep on Grinding

Kvarn, liten

Everything is built with great ingenuity - and by hand. The product of farmers' hands in Torvsjö is one ofNorthern Europe's most remarkable water-driven facilities. Well worth a visit.

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Fishing in Ammarnäs increasing in popularity


Exclusive fishing in exceptional waters, or readily accessible fishing in the local area. Ammarnäs has fishing for everyone: from professionals to families with children. And more and more people are starting to realise this. The peak season is in the summer, but fishermen - and women - from far and near come to this village in southern Lapland to catch grayling, pike, char and the special Ammarnäs salmon trout all year round.

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Adventures Suited to Everyone

Glaciers, cliffs, rolling landscapes and sharp mountaintops.
It's easy to find hiking trails with dramatic and beautiful nature all around in Västerbotten.
 "Hiking is for everyone - you just have to find the right terrain and length of hike," says guide Johan af Ekenstam

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Discover waterfalls and primeval forests in the county’s nature reserves

Forsar och renar

A tremendous nature experience.So describes Peter Näslund a visit to one of Västerbotten's nature reserves.
- You can experience nature as it was before human exploitation began, he says.

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Slowly We Walk through Town

Stadsvandring, liten

You can hike in the alpine mountain or coastal landscapes of Västerbotten. But don't forget walking around in its cities. There are many interesting discoveries to make here - and everything is within walking distance.

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Undiscovered delights in Southern Lapland


Borgafjäll, Kittelfjäll and Klimpfjäll in southern delights Lapland are undiscovered delights for many winter tourists. 

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200 different kinds of snow

vasaloppets spår

The first snow has fallen over Västerbotten. Winter is coming and cars must have winter tyres. But did you know that the Sami have 200 different expressions for snow and its quality?

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Klangvägen – one of many unique trails


Do you like hiking?
 Then Västerbotten's the place for you. 
Short and intensive? Long and taxing? Or perhaps stunning and relaxing? Or why not try Klangvägen - a unique hiking trail with a focus on sound.

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New nature reserves in Boliden


A number of orchids and other rare plants found in two marshlands outside Boliden have gained sanctuary following the establishment of two new nature reserves.

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Beautiful waterways just outside town

paddling nära staden

Paddling a canoe is much about cooperation and the narrower the overgrown waterways become the more important that cooperation becomes. Just 10 minutes from the centre of Skellefteå you'll find the perfect waters for canoeing.

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In the Tracks of a Wildlife Photographer

Kanotsafari Puff

Imagine how it might be, to leave all the bustle and stress behind you for just a few days, to breathe in the scents of the forest and meet those four-footed, or winged, inhabitants face to face, as you take on the role of nature photographer.

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Packages Will Attract Hikers


It's now easier to hike in Vindelfjällen. Two packages have been launched with easily accessible hikes; guests book both accommodations and transportation at the same time. "We want to increase the opportunities for more people to get up into our mountains more easily," says Stefan Jonsson, Visit Hemavan Tärnaby.


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Norrbyskärr – A Model Community During the Early 1900s

Sawmill patron Frans Kempe saw the opportunity to build a sawmill community out at sea where others only saw barren rocks. Norrbyskär was to become a model community.

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Take a look at the farming society of the old days

Rismyrliden. Just taste that name. It tells you something about the location and the surrounding area. The State encouraged farmers to cultivate inland areas by giving settlers 49 years' freedom from taxes. Rismyrliden was marked out in 1825, but it wasn't until 1832 that spade first made contact with soil and the hard work on clearing and cultivating the land began.

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Top class fishing in Västerbotten


Västerbotten has fishing waters to suit everybody, beginners and pros alike. A number of the fishing waters in the county are internationally renowned and entice crowds of Swedish and foreign tourists to visit every year. "Fishing is an incredibly relaxing pastime, but at the same time it's exciting. It's really something worth doing," says Mats Byström at Fiskecentrum in Saxnäs.

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On the hunt for elk


This is the entrance to what is commonly called Europe's last wilderness. From a slow start with coffee and cinnamon buns and a visit to a wilderness exhibition to a freezing-cold swim in the middle of nowhere.

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Downhill and Cross-country in Västerbotten


The county provides fantastic opportunities for both downhill and cross-country skiing, in the mountains, inland and on the coast.

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Skellefteå – a wild salmon eldorado


Skellefteå is home to three wild salmon rivers within 20 minutes' reach. Nowhere else in Sweden can match this. Anders Cederberg does 97 percent of his salmon fishing on one of them - the Byske River. Why? Well, because in his eyes nothing can match a shiny, steel-coloured salmon from the Byske River.

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The Vindel River – a biosphere reserve


What does the Vindel River have in common with places such as Camargue, Denali, Yellowstone, Amboseli, Serengeti, Ngorongoro, Pantanal and Galapagos? Well, since February this year the river valley is a candidate for UNESCO's Man and the Biosphere programme.

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Discover the fine roads of Västerbotten

Oh du härliga land

Västerbotten is a large county with safe roads that take you safely and securely through areas with sizeable gold deposits, a fantastic cultural history, soaring mountains and fast-flowing rivers. Discover the pearls along the fine roads of Västerbotten.

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Who is best in Kobåset?

Kobåset - en tuff utmaning

Kobåset in Hemavan Tärnaby is known as one of Sweden's most challenging backcountry skiing areas and has been used as the location for a number of ski films. And for a number of years now it has also been the location for the week that all backcountry skiers love.

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By Boat into the Alpine Mountains


Say the word "Ryfjället" and almost everyone who's visited the area knows exactly which peak you're talking about. The unique shape of this mountain has fascinated people for centuries and enticed the curious to make a visit. You'll have the best view of the mountains, rising in the distance, if you approach Ryfjället by water via Gäutan. Hop on board!

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Sail Back a Hundred Years in Time


You can now sail as people would have done 100 years ago. Boat-builder Thomas Distler has built a copy of a traditional sloop, as would have been used up and down the Västerbotten coast at the beginning of the 1900s. The boat nowadays takes visitors from Holmön outside Umeå to the lighthouse at Stora Fjäderägg.

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The Pearl of the Sea Shows the Way

Järnäsklubb South-west 6, Holmögadd South-West 8, Bjuröklubb South-West 5, Pite-Rönnskär South 8, Rödkallen South 9... The shipping forecast marks Bjuröklubb's position on the east coast. The Klubb is a peninsular with forested outcrops, shingle and sand dunes.

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