Visit Västerbotten

Top class fishing in Västerbotten

Västerbotten has fishing waters to suit everybody, beginners and pros alike. A number of the fishing waters in the county are internationally renowned and entice crowds of Swedish and foreign tourists to visit every year.

"Fishing is an incredibly relaxing pastime, but at the same time it's exciting. It's really something worth doing," says Mats Byström at Fiskecentrum in Saxnäs.

There are more or less unlimited fishing options in the County of Västerbotten, no matter what your preference: fly fishing, spinning or something else. If you follow the E4 motorway along the coast and through Västerbotten, you'll find a river where you can fish for salmon every 50 km. You can enjoy world class pike fishing at the coast and inland, and you can fish for brown trout and char in the mountains. One of the most popular rivers is Byske älv, where around 500 salmon are caught every year - and averaging 5 kilos.

"There's a good increase in salmon in Byske älv. The fishing in this river is fantastic!" says Mats Byström.

Ransarån  river in Southern Lapland is a real gem for fly fishing enthusiasts. The crystal clear waters of this mountain river are some of the most renowned fly fishing waters in Sweden, and char and really enormous brown trout can be caught here. The lower part of the Ransarån river is easy to reach by car, but you need to travel to the top part by helicopter or boat - or hike there.

"It's incredibly popular. We get Swedes here, of course, but also Norwegians, Finns, Italians, Spanish people and French people," explains Mats Byström.

Worldclass fishing

Ethel Åberg, who works on the Destination Ammarnäs project, is enthusiastic about her fishing, particularly when it comes to fly fishing. She says there's good fishing at Sorselefisket Norra, which includes the Laisälven  river, but also at Ammarnäs  and Kraddsele, which offer worldclass fishing.

"The brown trout fishing here is fabulous, and we also have the special Ammarnäs brown trout here," says Ethel Åberg.

Mats Byström likes fishing in the Kultsjöån  river in Vilhelmina, which runs between Kultsjön and Malgomaj. These are fine, rushing waters where you can catch brown trout and char.

"Kultsjöån river is near the road; all you have to do is get out of your car. All types of fishing are permitted here, too," explains Mats Byström.

The area around Hemavan Tärnaby is also home to fine fishing waters - Tärnaån, Klippen  and Jofjället, among others - where you can catch brown trout and char.

Fine coastal fishing

There's a broad range of fishing along the coast, too, offering plenty of variety. Bays, channels and sunken rocks here all offer opportunities to catch whitefish, grayling, ide, pike and perch. In the teeming waters of the coast you'll find sea trout, grayling and salmon, which you can fish from a boat or the water's edge.

"Oh yes, the pike fishing along the coast is excellent," says Mats Byström.

Good places to try around Umeå are Sävarån  and Täftefjärden.  For all fishing enthusiasts, Mats Byström also cites the fabulous fishing in the Vindelälven  river: salmon, sea trout, grayling, whitefish and brown trout, pike fishing in theÅngermanälven  river at Åsele, and classic mountain fishing for brown trout, char and grayling.

"Västerbotten has lots to offer. Fishing here is good for relaxation, excitement and enjoying the fantastic countryside.

Yes," interjects Ethel Åberg. "You get out of the house, stand in rushing waters and become one with the beautiful nature all around you. It's also a really nice way to meet friends - you make a fire and brew up some coffee. Absolutely fantastic!"

For more information on fishing waters in the county, contact your nearest Fiskecentrum or tourist office.