Visit Västerbotten

Experience Kungsleden in summer


This trail is 450 kilometres long and passes through the Swedish mountains. It's one of the best hiking trails in the world. 

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Packages Will Attract Hikers


It's now easier to hike in Vindelfjällen. Two packages have been launched with easily accessible hikes; guests book both accommodations and transportation at the same time. "We want to increase the opportunities for more people to get up into our mountains more easily," says Stefan Jonsson, Visit Hemavan Tärnaby.


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Slowly We Walk through Town

Stadsvandring, liten

You can hike in the alpine mountain or coastal landscapes of Västerbotten. But don't forget walking around in its cities. There are many interesting discoveries to make here - and everything is within walking distance.

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By Boat into the Alpine Mountains


Say the word "Ryfjället" and almost everyone who's visited the area knows exactly which peak you're talking about. The unique shape of this mountain has fascinated people for centuries and enticed the curious to make a visit. You'll have the best view of the mountains, rising in the distance, if you approach Ryfjället by water via Gäutan. Hop on board!

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Klangvägen – one of many unique trails


Do you like hiking?
 Then Västerbotten's the place for you. 
Short and intensive? Long and taxing? Or perhaps stunning and relaxing? Or why not try Klangvägen - a unique hiking trail with a focus on sound.

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Adventures Suited to Everyone

Glaciers, cliffs, rolling landscapes and sharp mountaintops.
It's easy to find hiking trails with dramatic and beautiful nature all around in Västerbotten.
 "Hiking is for everyone - you just have to find the right terrain and length of hike," says guide Johan af Ekenstam

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