Visit Västerbotten

Experience Kungsleden in summer

This trail is 450 kilometres long and passes through the Swedish mountains. It's one of the best hiking trails in the world.

From Hemavan in the south to Abisko in the north, it provides access to varied countryside and fantastic mountain experiences. Sounds a bit advanced, maybe? Well, it's not. At all. Try one of the sections between Ammarnäs and Hemavan. The distances between cabins where you can spend the night are ideal for day trips, and you don't even need to bring provisions with you.
    Along the trail between Hemavan and Ammarnäs, there are STF cabins that always provide somewhere to sleep, and these are situated far enough apart for you to be able to spend the night at each one over the six days you'll need to cover the entire distance. There's also a shop selling supplies at each of the cabins, so all you have to bring with you are the absolute necessi­ties. Of course, you can just do part of the trail if you prefer - but don't be surprised if you're tempted to keep going! Another option would be to fly in a helicopter to the Tärnasjöstugan cabin and then head off in either direction for a three-day tour.

Cabin hosts at your service

As well as finding food and a place to sleep, you'll also meet hosts at the cabins throughout the summer who are ready to welcome you when you arrive. They make sure everyone's okay, explain how the self-catering accommoda­tion works and check to make sure everyone has a place to sleep. And best of all, each and every one of our hosts can become your personal source of exciting experiences in the area. They can give you handy hints on the things you defi­nitely mustn't miss while you're in the area, and some of them also have specialist knowledge of all kinds of things, from bird life to the weather. They're always happy to share this knowledge and really make your hike special.

Choose one or more sections

On the trail between Ammarnäs and Hemavan, you'll find yourself in the Vindelfjällen nature reserve, which is the biggest of its kind in Europe. The environment here is varied, which means there's plenty of variation in the animal and plant life. You might see an Arctic fox here if you're lucky, because this is home to Sweden's strongest population of the species. All the sec­tions from Ammarnäs to Hemavan are shown on the right. But you can head in the other direction as well, if you like.

Other hiking in Hemavan/Tärnaby

Drottningleden- 10 km between Laisaliden and Hemavan. Half-day trip, or full day if you take it easy. Great for children.Gurkfjället- Easy hike up to the peak for all ages. Starts at what used to be Fjällgården in Solberg. If you go up to the peak, you can see the midnight sun clearly on Midsummer's Eve if the weather is clear.Ryfjället- A decent hike up to the peak of Ryivegaise, 1412 metres above sea level. This mountain, with its characteristic profile, has come to symbolise Tärnaby.