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Packages Will Attract Hikers

It's now easier to hike in Vindelfjällen. Two packages have been launched with easily accessible hikes; guests book both accommodations and transportation at the same time. "We want to increase the opportunities for more people to get up into our mountains more easily," says Stefan Jonsson, Visit Hemavan Tärnaby.

Tourism trends indicate increased desire to get out into nature. At the same time, however, visitors are also becoming more conscious of comfort. They want things to go smoothly and their accommodations must be comfortable. In order to attract more visitors to Vindelfjällen, a number of local actors have come together to create packages called "Hike in the Mountains of Vindelfjällen" and "Experience Vindelfjällen".

"More and more of our guests want their trips packaged and booked all at once. The 'Hike in the Mountains' package includes all the practical details associated with transportation and accommodations. We have actually already sold a number of these packages even though it's early in the season. It feels really great," Stefan Jonsson continues.

Seven Days - Five-Day Hikes

The seven-day package "Hike in the Mountains of Vindelfjällen" starts at the Tärnaby Fjällhotell, a facility of the Swedish Tourist Association, with a guided tour in the mountain village. After that, you'll be transported to Ammarnäs and a five-day hike will begin. It follows the King's Trail and accommodations are in STF's cabins.

Your tour is rounded off with sauna and accommodations at Hemavan's Fjällcenter.

"Experience Vindelfjällen" includes three nights at STF facilities of your choice in Vindelfjällen. This is a comfortable alternative for the curious who want to go but haven't made the trip before or for those with limited alpine mountain experience.

Both packages may also be booked together with round-trip air travel fromStockholm. This is done directly with theHemavanTärnabyAirport.

"Previously, it was a big problem for our guests to get from Tärnaby to Ammarnäs. Now that the transportation problem is solved, hopefully more people will come to hike precisely this popular stretch," says Stefan Jonsson, who sees development and great potential in the future through the new package offers.

"Hikers who are a little younger and curious are an interesting target group. If we can attract them, it will create rings in the water for trade and business. And we can attract them by making the alpine mountains more accessible and comfortable," he notes.

Vindelfjällen is generally easy to hike and stretches 78 kilometers between Ammarnäs and Hemavan. It's alsoEurope's largest nature reserve.

You can book the new packages at: Svenska Turistföreningen, STFHemavan Tärnaby Turistbyrå, and Hemavan Tärnaby Airport.