Visit Västerbotten

Extreme golden eagle photography

golden eagle

Imagine what it would be like to escape the stress and commotion of everyday life for a few days, breath in the fresh winter air of the forest and meet its four-legged or winged inhabitants eye to eye - when you take on the role of wildlife photographer.

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200 different kinds of snow

vasaloppets spår

The first snow has fallen over Västerbotten. Winter is coming and cars must have winter tyres. But did you know that the Sami have 200 different expressions for snow and its quality?

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The Vindel River – a biosphere reserve


What does the Vindel River have in common with places such as Camargue, Denali, Yellowstone, Amboseli, Serengeti, Ngorongoro, Pantanal and Galapagos? Well, since February this year the river valley is a candidate for UNESCO's Man and the Biosphere programme.

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Discover the fine roads of Västerbotten

Oh du härliga land

Västerbotten is a large county with safe roads that take you safely and securely through areas with sizeable gold deposits, a fantastic cultural history, soaring mountains and fast-flowing rivers. Discover the pearls along the fine roads of Västerbotten.

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On the hunt for elk


This is the entrance to what is commonly called Europe's last wilderness. From a slow start with coffee and cinnamon buns and a visit to a wilderness exhibition to a freezing-cold swim in the middle of nowhere.

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Photographer who likes autumn

Fotograf Magnus Ström

Photographer Magnus Ström likes autumn. The intensive colours give photographs something extra.
    "You have to make the most of the good days," he says.

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Experience the dramatic landscape of the Mårdsele Rapids


If you like to enjoy good food and dramatic natural surroundings then the Mårdsele Rapids Café and Restaurant is definitely worth a visit.

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In the Tracks of a Wildlife Photographer

Kanotsafari Puff

Imagine how it might be, to leave all the bustle and stress behind you for just a few days, to breathe in the scents of the forest and meet those four-footed, or winged, inhabitants face to face, as you take on the role of nature photographer.

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When gods meet in the heavens


It was Galileo Galilei who gave the Northern Lights their Latin name Aurora Borealis. An apt description of the phenomenon that attracts and fascinates us.

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New nature reserves in Boliden


A number of orchids and other rare plants found in two marshlands outside Boliden have gained sanctuary following the establishment of two new nature reserves.

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Beautiful waterways just outside town

paddling nära staden

Paddling a canoe is much about cooperation and the narrower the overgrown waterways become the more important that cooperation becomes. Just 10 minutes from the centre of Skellefteå you'll find the perfect waters for canoeing.

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