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Undiscovered delights in Southern Lapland

Borgafjäll, Kittelfjäll and Klimpfjäll in southern delights Lapland are undiscovered delights for many winter tourists.

These three long valleys, all close to one another, are all different in nature and so are suitable for everyone - from families with small children, downhill skiers and snowboarding enthusiasts to the bravest off-piste daredevils. This beautiful countryside is far from being overexploited, and besides its great skiing, it also has a range of other winter activities,     

Borgafjäll is a village completely free of stress and rush. You can really relax here and devote yourself to winter activities in peace and quiet. The skiing and snowboarding are first classes, and the queues for the lifts are short. Besides the lift system, offering access to everything from black runs to slopes for children, you can also go off-piste - you get to these slopes by helicopter. Klöverfjället is one of the best off-piste mountains in Sweden. There's everything here, from wide, open spaces to tough runs and superb drops. Borgahällan has the most extreme skiing to offer. From there, you ski down a steep ravine on the edge of a 400 metre precipice.

But if you prefer something other than skiing, snow scooters, dog sleds and reindeer rides are popular alternatives. You also have the opportunity here to experience the very best of Lappish cooking. Both Hotell Borgafjäll and Borgagården offer tempting menus using local ingredients. Hotell Borgafjäll, with its silhouette reminiscent of Klöverfjället, is also work a visit for its architecture alone. This hotel was designed by famous Swedish architect Ralph Erskine).

Olympic snowboarding in Klimpfjäll

Kultsjödalen, with Saxnäs and Klimpfjäll, is - to many people - the most beautiful valley in Sweden. From initial impressions at the entry to Saxnäs to the final look at the Stekenjokk plateau, visitors can just drink in the amazing views.

Klimpfjäll has focused on snowboarding for a long time now, and Olympic snowboarders Markus and Janet Jonsson are from here. Their home slopes have something to suit all tastes - everything from black runs to slightly friendlier slopes. There are jumps, velodromes and an illuminated, Olympic-sized halfpipe. The Klimpfjäll lifts offer a total of 12 km of runs over 13 pistes, with a bumpy piste and snowboarding fun. The Klimpfjäll Högfjällshotell and Klimpfjällsgården offer great accommodation at prices that won't break the bank.

Skiing in summer

The Saxnäs region is famous for its guaranteed snow, and has a well structured system of tracks for cross-country skiing. The early snow here makes this region popular for pre-season training. Both cross-country skiers and downhill skiers have some great opportunities here to ski from the end of October right up until Midsummer. When the spring sunshine starts to melt too much of the snow in the more low-lying terrain, there are still plenty of days of skiing left on the Stekenjokk plateau, where skiing often continues until the middle of June! This region is also home to Saxnäsgården, one of Sweden's most comprehensive facilities for winter sports enthusiasts , with its restaurant, spa, gym, pool, gymnasium, shop and activities.

Kittelfjäll - for the off-piste fans

Hotell Kittelfjäll was built by skiers for skiers in 1954, and it's in this spirit which the hotel and other facilities are run. The character of the region, with its natural gullies filled with powdery snow running down the mountain, has developed a reputation for itself among off-piste skiers and other skiing fans even outside Sweden. These days, Kittelfjäll is judged to be one of the very best off-piste areas in Sweden. The very nature of the mountain makes the skiing varied and challenging. Only three slopes are prepared, and there's a reason for that: people don't come here to ski on-piste. The close proximity to untouched runs at the peaks in the area entice people to try out heliskiing and peak tours. Helicopters with experienced guides take visitors to destinations such as Borkafjäll, Marsfjället and Risfjäll, where you're guaranteed an unforgettable experience, with magnificent skiing on bare mountain above the tree line and powder-filled gullies. You can also get up the mountains by taking the converted Cat Trax piste machine, which has time for about 7 or 8 peaks a day, with a stop for lunch at cots in the wilds.

Western riding in the snow

At Kittelfjäll, you also have the opportunity to challenge your friends to a snowracer race, head out on skis or snowshoes along the mythical salmon trout waters of Vojmån, and ride just like they used to in the Wild West. A ride on horseback as the sun begins to set over Borkafjället is an experience quite unlike any other. And of course, snow scooters are an option too. Hire your own, or tag along with one of the many guided tours around beautiful parts of the region. At Kittelfjäll, you can stay at the hotel. This offers a number of different types of accommodation. There's also a restaurant and bar here, with some cool après-ski activity and a nightclub. Kittelparken has three recently constructed timber cottages. Each of these sleeps ten, and there's also a Western-style restaurant with saddles across the bar! Hotell Granen is a classic guest house, with nice rooms and a pleasant little restaurant.