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Skellefteå takes off for London

Ryanair began operating flights between Skellefteå and London in spring 2014. Skellefteå was the only destination in Scandinavia to been given one of the new routes from London-Stansted.

Ryanair opened several new routes in 2014, one of which is from Skellefteå to London-Stansted.
   "Skellefteå has quickly become the way to Lapland. Many people from Spain and Russia are already choosing Skellefteå as their outbound or inbound destination and we believe the new route will double the number of tourists", says Destination Skellefteå's CEO at the time Anders Hellgren in a press release.

Barcelona a success

Regional development and the importance of the new route and Skellefteå Airport are plainly obvious. Since 2009, when there were only two direct routes from the airport, until 2014 the number has grown to ten different destinations. At the same time, the number of passengers has grown by almost 50%. 
   Flights to London are on Wednesdays and Saturdays until the 21th of september 2015.