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Four Restaurants in the White Guide

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White Guide has produced a list of the best restaurants in the Nordic countries. Four of these restaurants are in the county of Västerbotten.

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One House – Two Restaurants


In the Bryggarbacken district beside the Skellefte River you can enjoy classic French bistro cooking and gourmet Norrland cuisine under one and the same roof. Two completely separate concepts with one big thing in common: Food and drink of the highest quality made with locally produced ingredients.

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A Tasteful Experience on Västerbotten’s Highest Peak.

Situated on the highest mountain in Västerbotten and surrounded by magical fir forest and an enjoyable atmosphere, newly renovated Källan is a complete facility with hotel, restaurant, conference facilities and SPA. Known for the high quality of its food, Källan is the perfect choice for both the gourmet and the general hedonist.

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Enjoy delicacies from nature's larder here

Reindeer, char, Västerbotten cheese, cloudberries and chanterelles. Västerbotten has plenty of delicacies to choose from on which the sea, the soil, the forests and the mountains have set their mark. "We have a wide range of ingredients to offer; everything from vegetables that have ripened in the light summer nights to fish from the mountains and sea and fabulous game," says Susanne Jonsson, food creator.

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Burträsk Dairy - Home of the Emperor of Cheeses


It was August Strindberg who bestowed that title upon Västerbotten Cheese, and the cheese has a special place in the Swedish kitchen. Loved for its simplicity on crisp bread along with herring and an excellent ingredient in all types of cooking. However, nobody knows how it was invented, or why it can't be made anywhere else apart from in Burträsk.

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