Visit Västerbotten

Svansele attracts with adventure


Home to Sweden's largest wilderness museum. And much, much more. In Svansele, adventure is never far away and a wilderness buffet is always on the go.

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Every picture tells a story


Imagine that someone who has travelled all over the world chooses to settle down in Boliden, just outside Skellefteå, in Swedish Lapland. Why, someone might wonder? Well, it's because Boliden is the best place on earth. That is if you ask Neil and Julia Crighton.

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Magdalena Fjällström – our next ski queen?

Västerbotten Lappland has produced a great many skiing champions this century and last. This is not least true of Tärna IK Fjällvinden, one of the world's most successful clubs in downhill skiing. The club's latest rising star is Magdalena "Monne" Fjällström. Born in 1995, she is ranked as one of Sweden's best in her age group and normally trains together with Anja Pärson. - Anja inspires and encourages me. She's a fantastic role model, says Magdalena Fjällström.

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Close contact with Sami culture


Sami handicrafts, weaving, paintings, yoiking, museums and guided tours. Sven-Åke and Doris Risfjell tell people all about the Sami culture in lots of different ways. Their base is their shop and gallery Risfjells Sameslöjd in Vilhelmina, which is visited every year by people from all over the world. "We're driven by a strong passion," explains Doris Risfjell.

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World class food in Västerbotten

Always ask for food made from Västerbotten ingredients. and try always to eat at restaurants that are members of Gastro Botnia. That's the advice of food professional Ella Nilsson to anyone who'd like to enjoy some fantastic food in Västerbotten this summer.

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Älvtåets Gröna – an experience for all the senses

Älvtåets gröna

In Umeå, urban and rural are never far apart. Follow the Ume River until you see a horse farm and you'll have found Umeå's new green restaurant. Central but still in the countryside.

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When the story is a place


A Västerbottensost (Västerbotten cheese) can only be made at Burträsk dairy. This is written in capital letters on a window inside the Visitor Centre. This may sound a bit strange, but if you listen to one of the many storytellers in this place, you quickly come to understand that Burträsk district is sitting on a number of remarkable stories.

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Tv presenter who loves walking by the water

When TV presenter Sverker Olofsson has guests, he loves to take them for a stroll along the Vindelälven National River. 
- There are some real pearls along the river, all the way from the Norwegian border down to Vännäs. Just sitting by the water with a cup of coffee in your hand, enjoying the magnificent natural beauty of it all - it's a new experience every time, he says.

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TV chef wants to spotlight wild Västerbotten

TV chef and cookbook author Susanne Jonsson has prepared food for people from around the world. - Foreign visitors want to experience our local food culture. They think it's fantastic that we can get our raw produce directly from a clean, unspoilt natural environment.

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Emma's pictures of the northern wilderness

Emma Dennehy

Emma Dennehy wanted to experience the wilderness of Västerbotten - and to become a better photographer. So she decided to travel to Kalvträsk and Conny Lundström.

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Second-hand comes first

Second hand, liten

Why buy something new when the item you need is available second-hand? For Tova Glänta, who runs the B&B Forest Inn in Holmsvattnet just south of Skellefteå, second-hand - or "recycling" as she calls it - is a way of life.

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Svansele wilderness centre


Thorbjörn Holmlund has operated the Svansele Vildmarkcenter, a colossal wilderness centre that houses one of Northern Europe's largest wilderness exhibits. A popular place to visit, even for royalty. "We have had a guest who wore a crown, but I can't tell you anymore than that," says Thorbjörn Holmlund.

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An unparalleled natural environment and a fascinating history

The Bjuröklubb Nature Reserve attracts 35 000 visitors every year. The lighthouse, also known as den gamla damen or the old lady, is an obvious attraction. But you'll also find outstanding coastal landscapes and exciting maritime history here. "Anyone coming to Bjuröklubb will never forget their visit. The nature and cultural values are hard to beat!" says Staffan Markström, Chairman of Arena Bjuröklubb, a nonprofit organisation.

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