Visit Västerbotten

An unparalleled natural environment and a fascinating history

The Bjuröklubb Nature Reserve attracts 35 000 visitors every year. The lighthouse, also known as den gamla damen or the old lady, is an obvious attraction. But you'll also find outstanding coastal landscapes and exciting maritime history here.

"Anyone coming to Bjuröklubb will never forget their visit. The nature and cultural values are hard to beat!" says Staffan Markström, Chairman of Arena Bjuröklubb, a nonprofit organisation.

One of the people captivated by the magnetism of this nature reserve is huge pop star Laleh. She was so inspired by the place that she wrote a song called Bjuröklubb, which later turned out to be one of the most popular songs she ever wrote.
"Laleh has said in a number of live radio and TV shows that everybody should visit Bjuröklubb," says Staffan Markström.
And as regards live transmissions, Bjuröklubb is a classic in the maritime radio reports. The place has been mentioned five times a day on the radio since 1924.

35 wrecked ships

What amazes visitors is the powerful combination of magnificent nature and fascinating history. There's everything here: from rock carvings and shingle beaches to enormous sand dunes.

And Staffan Markström, who is also a Bjuröklubb guide, can spend ages telling you all about the dramatic and exciting things that have happened in the area over the years. For instance, 35 ships have been wrecked in the waters off the nature reserve, which is the easternmost point of Bottenviken. In 1916, in the middle of the dreadful First World War, 1 396 piloting jobs were carried out to allow ships to reach their destinations and sail on the right side of the Swedish territorial boundary. There are also relics from the Bronze age here, along with traces of a chapel dating back to the 13th century.
"Bjuröklubb was also visited by Sweden's last Catholic bishop, Olaus Magnus, in 1519," explains Staffan Markström. His diary and notes still exist to this day and describe extensive work at Bjuröklubb even in those days.

The most visitor-friendly lighthouse in Sweden

A visit to the cliff on which this lighthouse stands, shining out 52 metres above the sea, will reward you with magnificent views out over Bottenviken. This cliff has been accessible to everyone for a number of years now via a ramp 255 metres long build by arena Bjuröklubb with funding from the municipality of Skellefteå and in cooperation with the county administration board.
"This ramp is a huge plus," says Staffan Markström. "It allows people to experience all the drama, all the beauty, all the views. We've been named the most visitor-friendly lighthouse in Sweden by the Swedish Lighthouse Society.
This lighthouse, which was built in 1859, is in its original condition and still operational. The pilot station inside the lighthouse has been renovated and furnished to provide "brilliantly four-star" accommodation and can be hired all year round for events, celebrations and overnight stays. In 2009, arena Bjuröklubb had 400 nights with guests staying at the lighthouse.
"People who stay with us experience a wonderfully natural atmosphere here no matter what the time of year. The lighthouse and its magical light inspire humble contemplation after dark," says Staffan Markström.
In the summer, arena Bjuröklubb runs Café Fyren in what used to be the home of the lighthouse keeper.
"We had more than 20 000 visitors over nine weeks in 2009, and gave summer jobs to ten young people," explains Staffan Markström.
So what are your favourite places to visit in and around Skellefteå and Norsjö, apart from Bjuröklubb?
"I like the longest cableway in the world. You can really experience the silence and the stillness there as you travel with history. And fishing in the Byskeälven river is top notch, a real eldorado for anglers!