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Hotell Borgafjäll in good company

The Swedish Institute has listed "24 landmarks of Swedish architecture" A hotel in the county of Västerbotten is on that list.

Hotell Borgafjäll  was designed by the famous architect Ralph Erskine and was built in 1950. The architecture is very special and is clearly inspired by the climate and the surrounding countryside. The different roof segments become part of the landscape when they are covered in snow, and parts of the roof can also be used as a ski slope.

In good company

Because of these special features, the Swedish Institute has listed Hotell Borgafjäll as one of the 24 landmarks of Swedish architecture alongside buildings such as Stockholm City Hall, Turning Torso in Malmö, and Stockholm Globe Arena.
    The Swedish Institute is an authority which works to build confidence in Sweden and in Swedish skills and thus lay the foundations for long-term relationships with other countries.